Sunday, October 23, 2005

India-Journal 1

Here are a few pix - I can't upload too many because they are high res and quite heavy, but they should give some idea of what we've seen.
(Click on the pix to enlarge)

The first is the street outside our hotel in Delhi...

Second - the Gandhi Ghat (Delhi) - the site of Gandhi's cremation

The beggar girl and sibling on Kolkuta station - holding the paper pencil and sharpener Marlyn gave her - this child could read, write and draw beautifully!

The dawn sun reflecting off Mt. Kantchendzunga (sp!) seen from Tiger Hill outside Darjeeling this morning (23/10). We were there at 5:00 am with THOUSANDS of other people (locals mostly) - we even saw the tip of Everest in the VERY far distance.

More later...


Grant said...

Hey Larry & Marlyn,

Looks like you're having a very interesting time! Enjoy!


lisa said...

Hi guys

It all sounds amazing and so colourful.
Keep having a great time,
Lots of love to you and all